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April 11, 2008


Lets see if I got this straight, - the City says things have really improved downtown. Has someone explained this to all the store owners who have had their storefront windows destroyed in an alcohol imbued display of exuberance? Can we get some reports on weekly arrests in the downtown, and just to be fair the rest of the City too.
And why should the downtown gwt without paying for it - extra policing and street cleanup and garbage collection without paying for this extra service.
I get yard waste pickup twice a year, and have to pay for large item disposal, and also pay if I take items to the Waste site.
The Downtown should definitely pay for all the extra services - Extra Policing, extra cleanup services, and Free parking (except of course if you visit a hospital or go to the Market or visit the Provincial Court House. If the parking meters are turned off downtown, they should be turned off throughout the City.
I for one an tired of subsidising downtown considering I never go there.

I'm Downtown all the time during the day and I agree with Harry Tidge. How would requiring bars to "pitch in" bring bad publicity? The damage and garbage are far worse publicity for the Downtown.

Have a gander at the grease receptacles that attract rats,etc.;a real health hazard!Imagine what these "greasy garbage" guys'/gals' food preparation areas must be like-wonder how often they're inspected,if ever!?

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