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December 02, 2008


I am sure there are good 6 litre toilets, but most of them are not very good. I had a 6 litre one that had to be flushed up to 4 times to do its job properly.
So that meant 24 litres to do a 20 litre flush. I called it my little four-flusher. Given the extra expense for the Eco-friendly toilet, the unit was not worth a Sh__. In fact it is now a flower pot.
If you are going to make the plunge (a little plumbing humor) make sure that you get a good one.
Does anyone have any Names of Water saving Lo-flush toilets that actually work first time every time?

Cynic:Yes,you might consider a one-,two-,three-,or four-holer,dug in the backyard,suitably insulated with the tons of advertising trash and the costly City advertisements that occupy pages,pages,and pages of the "Tribune"( your tax dollars at work ?!)or you might get further ideas from such TV programmes as "Poker After Dark",where they deal with ideas such as straight flushes(aforementioned backyard model),royal flushes(a snobbish throne),etc.Have you thought of investing in a company that manufactures plungers,I hear that more are sold in Guelph than anywhere else in North America?!

Check out the Royal Flush All Stars at www.guelph.ca/royalflush for a list of low-flush toilets and their performance rating.

Royal Flush All Stars toilet models are required to complete Maximum Performance (MaP) testing to be eligible for a rebate through the City’s Royal Flush Program. This testing is done by independent third party labs which test and rate low flow toilets on the maximum amount of waste the toilet is able to flush. To successfully pass MaP testing, a toilet must flush a minimum of 250 grams in weight.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that many of the approved toilets can flush exceedingly larger waste volumes and that the retail price of an approved toilet model is not always reflective of its ability to flush greater volumes of waste.

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