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September 23, 2011


If so many continue to question the budget to actual cost of these projects, it might be interesting to see, for example, the last four years of approved budget by council and actual costs to that budget.

What do you say Scott.

Doesn't need breakdown, just something like council approved a budget for "x" year of "x" dollars and actual spending was "y".

Come on now. "Some commentators on the blog post wonder what the final cost of the structure will be." Really? Which blog post? This one? I don't see any wondering. Some other blog post? Link us to it. Who are these commentators? Some in here wonder about the final cost of everything, without considering the final value of anything. You are being too cute for your own good, Phil. Some commentators on the blog post wonder what the initial motivation of the post is.

I see now. It's on the ward 2 blog. Only two people made comments.

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All of Guelph should be excited about the opening, except that nobody will be able to get to it, as all of the surrounding streets are under construction. Maybe next year the road construction will be finished. Three years for the Federal Action Plan!

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