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January 25, 2012


Nice,now our city hall is a five and dime trinket store.
I am just wandering who is running the till,
our madame mayor or the C.A.O.

Anyone else sense that, 7-in-1 ratcheting notwithstanding, someone's being "screwed" in ways other than intended?

What exactly is "cost recovery" in this instance?! Please, tell me we got them for free. Hand them out to the first 150 people to come in to pay their taxes and never speak of them again.

Where the h_ll is this city going when we will debate over trinkets. Come on city hall wake up and smell the roses and start to deal with what your job is.

Wow, slow news day? Does the Merc have nothing better to report on?

not really, but the city shouldn't sell stuff like this, we aren't exactly a big touristy city or a world class city to warrant selling stuff like this. A city like ours doing something like this is just making a bold statement where they are trying to make themselves credible in the real world, but really they aren't they are just the whiny kid who craves attention.

We had mentioned on this blog in December about the city reportedly buying stress balls and the rumour at the time was it was one for every household, which as I noted would have cost approximately $150,000.
This blog post and related short story for the paper is just closing the loop on it.(For what it's worth, Canadian Press wrote a few days ago about Defence Minister Peter MacKay cancelling an order for stress balls. If CP can write about this use of taxpayers' money I don't see a problem with us doing the same)

Goodbye middle class. Buy a squeeze toy on the way out the door.

Au revoir, fragile environments. We needed our squeeze toys.

As for this green bin squeeze toy -- it's on the way to landfill (not so near) you. Hard to miss the irony.

Scott, thanks for bringing this forward. It speaks to an incoherence in direction at City Hall. Was an order for more of these cancelled, and if so, what was the cancellation fee?

It's now officially time to change the name of the city from Guelph to Stupid Ideas "R" Us.
What's worse is that these thing are made in China.
Please, please, for God's sake, somebody go and jiggle the handle.


I put your questions, by email, to Stacey Hare at the city. This is her response:

Nope. This was a one-time purchase, and we ordered the minimum quantity 150. We have no plans to order more.

What are the odds that there would be $150,000 worth of stress balls rolling around city hall right now if Scott hadn't reported on the possibility in December?

Farbridge, STOP SPENDING MONEY... WE PAY $5 mill a year in interest on our debt. Smarten the hell up!!!

I love my squeezy bin.

I give it a good squeeze whenever I'm frustrated with silly policies, silly councillors, or silly spending.

It's nearly worn out. I'll have to get a new one Monday.

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