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January 29, 2012


I'd appoint one representative for openers and task that rep with getting copies of all internal and in camera Minutes, Reports, and Official What-Nots.... with responsibility to report back to City Council and Staff prior to any further action on appointing additional reps.

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Edward, you are advocating a strategic approach to getting City representation back on the board, rather than just sending them all back right away.

What exactly would be the benefit of doing that?

What is to be gained by continuing this game of staying away from the table? Does that not signal more unwillingness to work together with the County for the sake of the people of Guelph.

:-) there are many more issues between the city and the county... it is long since past the time for a cohesive and all-inclusive strategy.

The Mayor and council should just man-up
(woman - up)which ever you prefer and get
back to the table.
No problems can or will be solved by sitting
on the side lines.
At least with reps sitting around the table
the citizens of Guelph will have a say in what
happens.Even if they get out voted they will
still have a say.
For the mayor and council this is what it
means to live in n a democratic society.
So get over your egos and get back in the game.

The City has a say whether they're at the table or not.

The City shouldn't have a say whether they're at the table or not as they represent taxpayers. The culture of stonewalling helps no one.

The Province should step in on this one.

Edward, as you already noted, the City benefits by receiving documents if they send a representative.

But how does the City (or more importantly, us, as taxpayers) benefit from (partially) staying away?

What is accomplished in that? If it is to send a message, has that not already been achieved?

The other issue is I believe the Health Protection and Promotion Act requires a certain number of designates based on population, so sending one still would not satisfy the city's legal obligation.

Councillors Kovach and Laidlaw would make sense to me, at this point.

The city is legally obligated to go back. No amount of discussion will change that. One of our reps should be Karen Farbridge and upon her return her first order of business should be to explain the city's actions to the health board and then she should apologize.

I don't contend that the city can duck going back. I was just pointing out that the city, like the rest of us, has more than one way to "have a say".

Having a "Newfie Shower" is not the best way for the City to "have a say" and that is what the Gang of Eight has done.

Laidlaw was previously a Rep and made the motion to lease the land from the University for the new Health building. Does that not strike you as curious or worse? When the Mayor said "tools down" she went along blindly. Of course where does Laidlaw get her salary? Brownie points anyone?
The Mayor has to be one of the City Reps, and I will relish watching her eat crow, and Kovach is OK as a pick, but the third rep has to come from the ranks of the "Frustrated Five".
Your pick of Laidlaw disappoints me, I thought you paid more attention.

Yuck "Serious Cynic"! I have no idea what a "Newfie Shower" is other than some really tasteless so-called joke.

Edward you got it. Guess it's much like your half baked idea. We ate crow because of Farbrdige and Laidlaw and now is the time to embrace the board and get involved. You want to sit back and play games. Guess what...it is a half baked game of ego's. It doesn't feed the population that the board serves. It only feeds ego's of those we in the end, don't care about because the health board serves, us the tax payer. Or would you rather serve yours and their ego's over the needs of the people. Man you are a piece of work.

Serious, I am familiar with the history. And I would say that history is broadly known, which certainly distinguishes the "then" from the "now". Presumably, with the judgement in mind, any reps would be acting according to the direction of council, and if there is any wisdom in what I suggested above by way of the appointment to the board, I will leave it for time to reveal. Or not.

I do agree with your thoughts on the subject
at hand.

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