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March 22, 2012


"The city alleges the union's demands are unaffordable for taxpayers."

Really a shame we have come to this on the backs of the workers. Guess the city hall facility, organics facility, River Run, Sleemans, current legal challenges and a few others, are affordable by the tax payers... According to some councillors like ML.

I agree Jim. So far the only items this council has ever deemed unaffordable are social housing projects, a south end rec center, and workers' wages. Can someone tell me how they ever got labeled 'progressive' or 'left wing'? Because I don't see it. They only spend when doing so benefits their standing among their black-tie and champagne socialist-in-name-only-but-not-where-it-matters University friends.

Steve, I think befitting titles would be "charlatans" and "elitists".

Jim, you captured a core message of mine in the 2010 election.

Steve, good for you for standing up for what's right, but be careful of what you say here lest being accused of having a "personal agenda" -- tactic, hello old friend... eyes roll...

On another note, Ernie, not sure who you would be supporting in this, if you are a member -- but congrats to Peggy Nash for her NDP leadership bid.

Heh! Best laughs in weeks: Andrew Coyne, writing in the National Post, on the NDP leadership speeches. (They call them "showcases" now.) The comment Peggy Nash's was particularly hilarious, in a tragic kind of way.

I haven't laughed that hard since Mulcair said Obama was lying about having killed Osama. Snort!

From the sublime to the ridiculous, it's time to do something. Either we sit back and bitch and complain or we do something about it. I for one am ready to throw my hat in the ring and run for mayor. So there you go "Jim For Mayor" Time for change in a responsible way.

Did you mot learn anything from Quarrie's term as Mayor? If you have never served on Council, the Maggots(sic) of the world will
destroy you on procedure. So please do not waste your "Beau Gueste". We need someone who understands process. Maybe like Dan Schurr?
But you as a novice Mayor?? - Don't go there!

I hope people will take decision after making proper judgment and selected a way of good purposes.Thanks for share it.

Serious - you missed a bit of sarcasm there. The whole idea is to get those qualified motivated. Ya I would support Dan or how about Gloria. Birtwistle is another. let's get these people moving as the next term is going to be nasty trying to clean up the mess Farbridge is leaving.
Tell you what though, if Maggie ran with no true contenders, well then.....

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