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April 27, 2012


That's actually better than I expected. But, like you said in your column, the problem was never with the video but with the less than transparent way we were told about it.

Those times don't look like the middle of the night times earlier commented on. No, we probably won't be tuning into Vancouver, Seattle, Milwaukee, Thunder Bay, Flint, or Minneapolis news networks at their local times for the morning, noon, and evening news programs on CNN or their regional networks. But maybe some of the 4+ million people in these markets might have seen it in the 29 initial showings?

There are postings on Facebook showing "Terry Bradshaw in Guelph..Pretty Cool" and 9300+ views on Youtube.

Really hard to make this into a bad news story.

9,300 views? Really, Lloyd? That's a success? That's worth the money?

This video was made for free. And it's fake. And it's got 4.5 million views.


I'll host a party for the entire city of Guelph if that Bradshaw video reaches 100,000 views.

The Cleveland video was posted in April 2009. Based on the trending view rate on YouTube the Guelph video should be at over 700,000 views in the same 3 year time period. (not to mention the several thousand views on Facebook already).

Looks like you might have to get your party hat on.

OK Guys, cool your jets, We all know that Lloyd is sucking up to the Mayor. Remember he SUPPORTED her move to merge(sell) Guelph Hydro to Horizon. And now he defends another goof on her part. Lloyd has not been around long enough to understand the history of Guelph. So he gets his moral and ethical lessons from her nibs.
Can someone please compose a history book on Guelph entitled "Guelph History for CofC Dummies"?

On the Mayor's blog I posted a comment that said paying $25,000 for an American infomercial smacked of desperation and that the decision makers on this one were deserving of the criticism that has followed. When I attempted to post my comment it was held for "moderation". Today when I had a look my comment had disappeared.
I guess sometimes nothing hurts more then the truth.

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