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April 20, 2012


To deny councillors the info is to deny all of us. Disturbing.

(Perhaps this is only part of it. This is not just about the info that is being denied -- info that belongs to us, and should be fully and completely available to our duly-elected representatives -- it's also about the info that IS supplied and the manner in which it's provided. Something to ask about... Are councillors also getting sandbagged? Do they readily receive reports in support of a particular agenda? How well are councillors able to fulfill their fudiciary responsibilities? Who's in control?!)

We all know who is in control!!! Hard to believe the Mayor's buddies still feel it is right what is happening here. It is clear they serve the Mayor, not the people that voted them in.

Here we go again. Another potential waste fiasco, but now this one seems to also involve a cover-up. The clear implication here is that the Mayor (and really, it's not "staff" that is keeping this MoE report secret) is attempting to hide a damning report from the MoE about the air quality at the new waste facility because it has been judged by Provincial officials to be deficient. There really is no other reasonable explanation for the Mayor or CAO refusing to release the report. Maybe it's not a huge problem with the plant, but how are we to know?

Most disturbing is Ann Pappert's statement that "once a report is finalized all members of Council will be provided with a copy". Once a report is finalized? Really, Ms. Pappert? By "finalized", does that mean "white-washed"? And to think we had high hopes for you, Ms. Pappert, and that we thought you would not become just another arrogant and secretive CAO. Very disappointing.

These are dark days for our city.

Gaining access to the report through Freedom of Information legislation is probably the only way to get the unedited version.
City staff works for us, not vice versa. Do they really think there above the law.

Oh I can only laugh, To think the transparency around the new plant was going to change. What a joke. I think us NIMBY's all warned you about this. Of coarse they think they are above the law. I filed a FOI last time they had a damning air quality report and received it , so we will just wait and see if they are smart enough to come up with some legal jargon as to why the public or councillors should see it. I will be filing a FOI with the city to get the report.

Those damn piles of rotting leaves are
causing such a head ache for this city.
I wish people would learn to put them all in
bags and drop them off at the mayors home.

I think it is telling how none of so called Gang of Eight were interested in the freedom of information request. Very telling indeed!

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