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May 15, 2012


Is it true that the city is deliberately screwing over Mr Rooney because they feel that they got screwed on the downtown rink? Might explain why we had a summer of no baseball, but it seems kinda sad to lose thousands in rent just to make a point.

I assume the meeting with the neighbourhood group just a polite courtesy on Mr. Rooney's part. Surely they don't have any decision-making authority in this matter, right?

I certainly would not underestimate the influence that some people in that neighbourhood possess, Steve. All it takes is one self-righteous know-it-all to ruin the fun for everyone ... ;)

Actually, the tail really wags the dog on this one. Guelph had the opportunity to shine about 20 years ago when Larry Grossman (?), a former premier, wanted to bring an A-Ball team to town, something anywhere else would have killed for. It would have put us on the map, brought in millions in revenue, and allowed us to watch young ballplayers before they hit the major leagues. But of course the Exhibition Park "neighbourhood" was against it, citing too loud noise at night (?!), and of course council weenied out and voted "No." Guess we had the "Guelph Factor" back then too.

I just know from my own so-called "neighbourhood association" that they typically consist of a handful of unelected self-righteous nuts with extreme opinions who don't represent the neighbourhood in any way.

what they should do for those running for the neighborhood groups is put it to a vote.

My requirements would be

Anyone who doesn't have a degree in social studies, urban planning, and hasn't lived in the neighborhood they are representing for atleast 2 years need not apply.

Whoa guys. Talk about being opinionated. Yes we have all sorts on community associations, but that's what gives us the diversity. Louis, I would not want to discourage people from getting involved. The only elected official for these associations, I would consider more important, would be the president, or whatever you want to call them. In this capacity I would want to see someone who is strong with people, fair, open, motivating, without personal agenda, a better listener than talker, organized, patient, knowledgeable in life, accommodating, whoaa, I think I am describing what a Mayor should be. Sorry Karen, you missed the boat on this one.

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