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May 17, 2012


Have you seen how close they do come? One big bounce and they would hit the underside lol See pic here: http://mayorsblog.guelph.ca/2012/05/11/funny-rumours/

Whoa, Sean!! That IS a tight squeeze!

It's a misleading photo. Judging by the shadows, it looks like the back end of the truck is beneath the bridge and the front is already through. The perspective makes it look like it clears by inches but it's more like a couple of feet.

Agreed. I've seen the trucks go under there and there is plenty of clearance.
In that photo the cab is well ahead of the bridge. If you look at the back of the truck (where the bucket is) there's about 3-4 feet of clearance.

What I don't like about the changes is that, traveling south along Wyndham, under the bridge, the road dips before inclining again. If you're sitting at the stop sign at either Suffolk or Farquhar and Wyndham, this creates a blind spot. You don't know if there's a vehicle traveling south until it reaches the top of that slight incline, and can create issues.

Before the 're-construction' the Wyndham South simply graded downwards so you could see traffic as they drove under the bridge.

As one who uses the route on a consistent basis, I'm not happy.

My oops: it should be the intersection of Wyndham South and Fountain Street.

Still, the new changes have created a blind spot that will ultimately turn out to be a danger.

They sure bounce like a good thing when they hit Carden headed north, all wheels almost leave the ground! I suspect some fillings might be getting loosened. And maybe there is some "truth" to the rumour, a city policeman (!) told me that with the original design they would've made contact, and that's why it took twp years longer to re-jig the plans. Any truth to THAT rumour?

I imagine certain height restrictions around town are emblazoned in staff's minds. Who knows, they may even repeat them in their sleep.

As for the shadows, Steve, take a good, long look at them. The photo has been doctored.
Sorry, couldn't resist that one ;)



That dip didn't look right to me after it was redeveloped.

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