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June 22, 2012


An awesome night. Great fun for children of all ages.

Of course, the Mercury reporter in charge of this blog may have lost a bit of perspective as he splashed out in the water with the rest of us.

He's not above splashing others, either!

The market square will be a huge success. The City have done a great job with this.

My wife and I only caught the end of the Market Square party as we were busy taking in all the other Fourth Friday events and enjoying a late meal at The Cornerstone, but what we saw was amazing and far beyond what I expected.
These parties need to be be regular events. Someone make it happen!

Party all you want, but not with taxpayer's money!

You people don't get out much, do you?
Not quite Carnival in Aruba or Mardi Gras.
But, what the hell, it was FREE.

You got it man.
Guelph is the cheapest City in the world.
The bottom trough feeders want it all for free, and thay mostly support our free-spending mayor.

I want to tell you a story that one of my friends told me.
He is a bit older than i am and he grew up in Germany in the thirties.
He said that Germany under Hitler was a great place for diversions, particularly following the penalties imposed on them by the Allies! Under Hitler and the Nazis they had picnics and outings and all sorts of goodthings in a time of depression. What else could a German conclude but that Hitler had it right? Remember the German Olympics!!
So take the analogy of our Mayor and FREE public events and put into historical perspective!!
Smarten up pilgrims!!

Its not a stretch of analogy either to compare Weimar in the 1920s to the culture and times of today (devaluation of currency/hyperinflation vs todays various economic bubbles, political factionalism and corruption, etc etc). And we all know how the rest of that story went...

Even N. Chomsky is of this opinion:


Wow. Not Mardi Gras? Bottom trough feeders? Hitler? Seriously? Those are your comments on this party?

Some of you are real assholes.

Please just leave town.

Naw . . . c'mon. These jerks and their mouth-frothing doom n gloom pettiness are the best belly laugh in town. I take bets on how many posts it takes from even the best ever news to an unfounded, tunnel-visioned, backstabbing and petty indictment of the mayor and council.

Too funny. Let them continue to drag their knuckles: they're living proof that evolution is not always linear.

Nazis, indeed!

There are a couple of key missing ingredients in the comparison between our City Hall and the Third Reich: rampant militarism and the demonization of particular ethnic, religious and political groups being the two most obvious.

I wish I could muster an equally venomous counter-tirade to Serious Cynic, but what's the point? Here we have a post about a wonderful, inclusive and enjoyable night had by all in attendance and he muddies it with half-baked references to German fascism. I'd say that I pity Cynic for his complete lack of ability to take joy in anything, but why waste good pity?

Adam, you've got to admit that the juxtaposition of a comment referencing Hitler with another seemingly agreeing and referencing Noam Chomsky is a thing of beauty.

Steve: When you're right, you're right! ;-)

The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington does not charge admission. It is a free service, funded in majority by the state.

Free = Hitler
Holocaust Museum = Free
Therefore, Hitler = Holocaust Museum

Can the adults go back to talking about how nice the splash pad is?

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