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September 24, 2013


Curious to hear what the average condo owner pays in taxes. Is it calculated the same as for a detached home? Same ratio of city and education tax?

I know many detached owners would have the opinion that they are not getting proper value for the amount of taxes they pay. You could make the argument that newer neighbourhoods subsidize older ones. (unless MPAC has suddenly gotten more accurate with their assessments)

http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/56388 Guelph pretty much failed overall for value for taxes.

Is it just me or are the condo people being unreasonable. Most townhouse\condo developments are built in such a way that they do not meet city standards. Drive up the country club road from Waverley or better yet drive down the new Valley Rd extension off Gordon St. You can't have it both ways - build to City standards or expect that things might not be done the same way as the rest of the City.

It sounds like condo people want a user pay system. I am all for that. I will opt out of garbage collection and do it myself if the City provides me a refund.

What are the other concerns that condo owners have with city services?

I live in a townhouse (rental) so taxes are included in my rent. The new "BIN" system will not work in my complex due to space and storage issues. The option is for our managment company to hire Private trash collectors which would then increase my rent. These units are over 40 years old...I'm sure they were built to the City standard way back then!

why not look at what neighboring cities do? We don't hear about these problems in KW

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