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September 26, 2013


What the heck is wrong with our legal system that someone gets canned for that sort of behaviour and gets a huge pay out?

Read last night the arbitration ruling!! It says it all! Arbitrator made excellent point "Mr." Richardson did not get fired for anything accept LYING to his manager. That's when they fired him - and gave the settlement. The settlement it seems had nothing to do with being found guilty of the claims against him by AB but only that he LIED to his manager. "Mr.s" Garrish and Hull have lost ALL credibility as leaders within the HSR, - indeed a poison workplace! Dynamic leaders are desperately needed at the HSR - Harrassers and Enablers need not apply! Oh and whatever happened to the Human Rights Specialist AnnyS? Another bye bye "settlement"?

The burning question is how Guelph hires someone who hadn't held a job in over a year. That doesn't raise any suspicions? And the quote of the year is: "He did a good job for the 2 weeks he worked here." But at least that was twice as long as our last treasurer!

All of these comments point to what's needed: make key staff positions accountable to voters.

If we can vote out Mayor, Councilors etc every four years, why not staff?

Guelph says Hamilton gave this guy an excellent reference. Hamilton says that's not true.
Somebody is lying through their teeth. I wonder who it could be?

Apparently, if one sprinkles one's resume with enough lefty buzzwords, the reality doesn't matter.

Think I'll take a look at my own resume. Let's see: empowerment, advocacy, facilitation- anyone have an idea on how to get "kumbaya" into a resume?

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