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October 01, 2013


After watching last night's council meeting the only conclusion I could draw was that this entire council is completely useless and allowing them to continue to sit is a complete waste of time and money.
I have said this before but what I really despise about a lot of these Councillors is that they are not there to represent the best interests of the people in their ward. They are there for some other reason.
Please do not take my word for this, watch the meeting and make your own judgements.
If you can get through the farm house debacle part of the meeting you'll be interested to watch the presentations by various condo owners in the city. Apparently the City has been committing fraud for years by taxing them for services for they don't receive.
The cost of living in Guelph is about become beyond stupidly expensive unless we vote in a completely different mindset.

It was a big meeting to miss, no two ways about it.

Truly an interesting issue--we now know the neighborhood community is divided, despite the prior image of unanimity for demolition. There appears to be no disagreement that the farmhouse has been badly handled from the beginning (terrible site plan and grading, honest resident expectation not inline with decisions already on the books); and that the city's consultation process and pursuit of ideas for preserving the farmhouse for some desired community purpose was flawed.

Therefore it should not be surprising that councillors were also divided. What I found surprising was the failure of all three of the votes that would have allowed a specified short period to find a usage the a majority of councillors might approve, and if that failed, then demolish. The six councilors that favor immediate demolition may live to regret the they did not buy into that route towards demolition.

Why? Because the missing councilor Burcher is known to favor preservation, as signaled by her vote at committee. One might well expect the all 13 will be present for the next vote given that we now know the 13th vote is required to break the deadlock.

The best that the forces favouring demolition can now hope for is being offered another chance to get some sort of delay to explore last minute option before the axe falls. And there is always a chance that they will not get that, that the decision may be to preserve by sever and sell without usage restriction.

Bluntly, the forces for demolition may have blown there best chance to get to their desired result.

The "forces for demolition" are citizens as well, Dennis.

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