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December 31, 2013


Hopefully Farbridge doesn't then nothing of value will be lost.

Karen will ruin again! To those of you who think that is a typo - it is NOT :-(
I cannot vote for Cam and the best thing he can do at this time is hold his fire for another term and run as Councillor in his Ward!

Let's see. Have our city run by someone with a business background or, someone who spends like money comes from a never-ending fountain? The choice is obvious.

I think Cam is great but would like to see him do another term on council before running for mayor.I would also like to see Craig Chamberlain run for council. We need more balance at City Hall.

Just what is Cam's PLATFORM? Or is he just A man without a Plan!!

Oracle; I'm saying we need change. Let's wait until the official announcement and we'll see what his plan is. Right now, in my opinion mind you, any direction is far better than the one we're taking now.

"It is extremely likely he will announce his intention to run for Mayor".

I sure hope so! I think Cam would make a great Mayor. Guelph needs a person like Cam Guthrie to make Guelph even more awesome!

I would cast a ballot for an igneous rock before I'd vote for "Her Royal Highness".
Lets see if anyone else throws their hat in the ring.


Already a way better choice for Mayor than the last time around. I should know. I just wish he had run for Mayor in 2010. He would have got in easy, but he listened to the wrong people's advice. As for waiting another 4 years, that's just silly and also cruel to the voter and the taxpayer.

Do you realize that Guelph has had nothing but awful Mayors for the entire 21st Century? Best city in the world with a history of the worst leadership. Throw in John Council and then prepare to throw up. What the heck is the matter with us? We deserve so much better. Is it because they made it a fulltime position and now no one good wants to do it? Cam can spend like $10 on his campaign and then sit back and do nothing and he still has this thing in the bag. It's about time.

Dis-a-Ray, I agree with you that Cam is an excellent choice for Mayor. My comment about him being a councilor for another term was made , in part, because I think long experience on council would serve anyone well as they become Mayor, but, it was also a bit selfish. I live in Ward 4 and would hate to lose Cam at city hall if he happened to lose in the mayor's race.I will vote for any good candidate over Karen Farbridge.

I don't trust the guy.

This is the same guy who used fake names on this very blog to support and oppose a variety of city issues....yep CONservative.

yes, this is the same Cam who used fake names etc.. fits in well with Conservative culture.

But lets be realistic.

It is unlikely that whomever we elect for mayor will be able to substantially change things. Most of the problems with mismanagement and cost are the fault of city staff (management), and these people are rarely, if ever, held accountable.

It is also unlikely that one person can change a culture of cronyism and nepostism.

Maybe but at least we have to try. Abject apathy and trunkloads of cash keep getting the same old same old re-elected.

If Cam is elected Mayor and Ward 4 sends 2 fiscal realists to City Hall and the 2 phonies from Ward 6 are dispatched, that would be enough.
Real change can happen then.

What's wrong with conservatives running the city anyways ? I admit Quarrie wasn't bad. She could have had a second term if people weren't influencing the ballot. Which last time I checked is highly illegal.

OK Cam, you have ten months to convince me that you would make Guelph better.

On the plus side, you're a genuinely nice guy, I'm convinced you really care about this city, and I like your band.
On the other hand, you're a dedicated conservative...a political ideology I find logically flawed and harmful, plus you've supported some genuinely scary candidates in other elections who also ran under the Tory banner.

But it's not impossible to win my vote. If you can show me how you would freeze or lower taxes without cutting the services many Guelphites depend on, how you would cut spending without starting a nasty war with the unions, how you can work for all of Guelph including downtown residents like me (I noticed the snub on your campaign website), and how you can attract real job opportunities that aren't part-time near-minimum wage retail positions then I just might vote for you.

And if you can convince a lefty like me then you've got this thing in the bag.

EDITOR's NOTE: This comment has been edited.

I think he will do good for the city, he certainly knows where its at, and is hip with the current issues the city is facing, We've given him a chance at being a councilor and I believe its time for him to go for the big leagues.

Unfortunately the whole Costco ugliness coloured Cam for me. It showed a bit of "newbie" behaviour that in a more charged political situation in the future could have proved embarrassing for us. I believe that we need proven and experienced leadership guiding Guelph through these strong growth and redevelopment years. There will be a time for Cam, but not yet.

The Costco situation was very telling. Prior to construction, folks were discussing the expected traffic issues on the local neighbourhood. If I recall correctly, a particular residential street had been designated either by the city or the developer as a main route to the store and residents were upset.

Cam's response? "What traffic issues?"

That spoke volumes about his style to me, plow ahead with development and deal with the consequences after the fact. An honest response would have initially acknowledged the obvious traffic concerns and worked towards resolution. Instead, we got Alfred E. Neuman's ridiculous "what? me worry?" Given Cam's apparent intelligence, it sure seemed he was intentionally downplaying legitimate traffic concerns in favour of the development he subsequently continued to fight for, against the wishes of many local residents.

Hardly the stuff of a good mayor.

DC, its no surprise. Cam being a conservative, siding with developers, business, whomever has the most money. That's what they do. That's their politics.

I live in Ward 4. I'm not sure i would vote for him. My neighbourhood had valid concerns about the new bus route in a busy school zone where there is hundreds of young kids crossing the streets. He called us "NIMBYS" on twitter. I found that very disrespectful.
Now that he is running for mayor, he needs to stop with the sarcastic tweets aimed at the other political parties that aren't conservative. I expect an elected city councilor to be more respectful and professional.

If anything don't forget what happened to the
carden st businesses. A lot of people lost jobs just think it could be a friend family member or neighbor.

And the cities inaction to a new parking garage and library despite the city going ahead with a police station

And the east end. Where I live. 15 years of broken promises of business going there.

I personally don't think the city can afford a few more years of far bridge. She is going to bankrupt the city if reelected.

Everybody calls him conservative, but it isn't quite that simple. He is in a band and cares about culture and the arts and his voting record seems to reveal different opinions on different aspects of city life. He's about a thousand times better than what we have now, maybe more.

Yea give him a chance, besides bringing in businesses is a good idea, to lower to tax ratio of residential to business which is higher than neighboring cities, and fixing some of the city services ; I for one don't think its fair that condo owners don't even get garbage pickup but have to pay the taxes for it.

If he does win what does it matter if he sides with developers? brings in jobs doesn't it? Regardless if its commercial or industrial.

Remember we lost Toyota to Cambridge and that could have been big for the city.

and D if you want to talk about respect how about Maggie Laidlaw, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p88prPaPXV4 the video demonstrates her respect for her councilors.

During the campaign I know Cam will knock on my door and talk to me face to face.
If I'm lucky, er excuse me, if I'm unlucky Her Royal Highnesses minions may honour me with a "robo" call.
Cam's going to kick her ass!

That's called populism. It's hardly the best way to choose a chief executive of a city, but to each his own.

Has Cam broken the election rules? It is my understanding that you cannot incur election expenses prior to declaring your candidacy. Well, if you look at the photo in the Mercury, there he is surrounded by campaign posters which had to made up prior to his declaration.

Didn't Kate Quarrie do the same? Council had to have a Financial Audit of her returns done. A needless expense for the taxpayers of Guelph.
(Note: This comment has been edited.)

After Cam kicks your ass why don't you guys head to the far north and start from scratch. Your city, your priorities, your rules and your MONEY.
Generate electricity by burning musk ox dung while filtering the exhaust with heritage grasses from the tundra. Whatever you want to do.
If your successful, good on you, congratulations. But if you fail, it's on you and you have to accept complete responsibility.

Don't forget the city also is being audited as we speak just ask Grassroots Guelph


I can assure you that all the rules were followed as per the Act. Thank you for your interest in the campaign.

Robert White
Campaign Manager

"louis" - so funny. Tell me exactly what the Mayor or any Councillor has to do with preventing development in the east end. The land is zoned for it. To date, the land owner hasn't pursued building on the land.

Do you wish for the City to enter into the business of running and operating a grocery store? Short of that, I'm not sure what you want City Hall to do.

I want the administration to

-Take more accountability for their actions
-Make better decisions as I don't want my tax dollars going towards whiskey ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U42B9KwH14 )
-Condo owners should be getting garbage pickup, they pay their share of taxes and the city should honor their end of the deal
-I would like the city to do away with the building height limit bylaw as a church shouldn't interfere with politics (I know its historical but still)
-The city to do something about Imico
-The city to do something with other Brownfields (unless Imico is the only one)
-The city to improve its infrastructure and transit, (it isn't that hard to make intercity transit, just as neighboring cities.)
-The city to make better spending decisions and combat the debt
-The city to make it easier for businesses to come in and attract businesses thus lowering the residential tax ratio as residential in Guelph is higher vs neighboring cities
-The city to ease on the bike lanes, someone is going to get hit on Gordon, Stone, Woodlawn and Wellington one of these days especially Woodlawn with the 18-wheelers.
-The city to compensate the Carden Street Businesses
-The city to negotiate with the police about the renovations to lower the cost.
-A new main branch library
-A new parking garage downtown, (finding parking downtown isn't fun and is a pain in the ass)
-The city to attract businesses downtown thus giving people a reason to go downtown. Besides bars.

I don't know if I have anymore but its a start.

I almost forgot

=The city taking into account that they are being audited by Municipal affairs due to their operating costs

- To be sure services don't get closed or cut ( http://guelphpolitico.blogspot.ca/2010/06/reminder-city-closed-on-monday.html ) I moved here in 2010 and it was a slap in the face when I found out about this two months after the move.

-Better storm and disaster management,

-More police presence downtown especially if people are loitering, harassing other people, fighting, drunk, high etc.

- Skate Park (I think Guthrie promised this) kids need something to do in Guelph, with lack of stuff to do it has kids and teens getting in trouble.

- Something to combat vandalism, especially in areas where visitors to the city are likely to go to, and residential areas as vandalism there often causes people to question 'is this area safe?' (Guthrie has that covered)

Dude called John Legere just filed, definite lefty, just siphoned off a bunch of Karen votes.

Hey Steve, regarding what can council do to help bring in business? I think there is plenty that can be done. Just zoning land is only the first step. I would suggest engagement and dialogue with developers and retailers is the next. You have to sell it, the land doesn't sell itself! I think that the current administration is anti business, that much is clear to me. I would suspect that a pro business council would achieve better results at filling those vacancies.

Note that the opinion above is my own and that I am involved in the Guthrie campaign.

Someone entirely unknown named Nicolas A. Ross is going in on it as well; Legere pretty much only responds to text messages and nothing else. It is interesting to note Legere is running straight to candidacy of the Mayor instead of going on council first.

Karl. Steve is right, most of the land in the East end is owned by Loblaw, who is essentially squatting on their own land so that their competitors cannot build competing grocers there.

Little council can do about that, other than to use taxation as a disincentive against this sort of monopolistic behaviour

Also, this notion that unless one gives carte blanche to developers, they are necessarily "anti-business" is an example of the kind of mindless sloganeering we need to end in politics.

In his Tweets and posts (which others above have alluded to), it is clear that Cam Guthrie endorses this kind of politic.

I just want to note that the previous comment by "Steve" (the response to Louis about East End businesses) was not made by me but by someone using the same handle.
Whoever posted that please use another name to avoid confusion.

At any rate, does anyone have any information about the two newcomers for the mayoral race ? Besides they are skipping council and running for the mayors seat.

First of all, several on here have mentioned the city is being audited. There is no evidence that is so. Grassroots Guelph -- which was established to oppose this administration -- has asked for an audit. That is all.
There is going to be a lot of politicking in the coming months. Let's at least try to keep it based on reality.
Louis, to answer your question almost nothing is known about the two new candidates.
I have spoken to one and had a brief text conversation with the other, the results of which can be found here:


RE: The two unknowns running for Mayor. A number of hits do come up when Googling the names, but nothing to illuminate anything about them other than addresses.

My concern? (And I don't have the vote in Canada) One or both may be 'spoilers', purposely running to split the vote, and deflect attention from focused, intent candidates. It's entirely their legal right to do so (One only has to look at federal politics to see this happening all the time) but it is morally questionable, and an abused weakness of the first past the post system, a system, btw, that for all its faults, is still the most effective for dynamic change.

Remember Pierre Poutine! (A legal situation that makes me livid, and it happened right here folks, and apparently with no legal repercussions)

Right after the transit changes in 2012 I complained to Cam that we cannot be without full service in the N.W.industrial area,he told me he was getting a lot of complaints and that he had his staff "looking in to it".
I never believed him so I kept sending my complaint for 3 months,he kept responding that it was being addressed.In April 2012 he told me that I am the only one still complaining and that he "has no intention of doing anything for 1 person".
Clearly he had no intention of doing anything and just strung me along for 3 months.It is really sad that if he is in the race he is right now the best option,I don't think we can entirely trust him to do what he says though.

I can't remember the last mayoral race in Guelph that had fewer than 4 candidates (last time Ray Mitchell and Scott Nightingale, the Ustations several times, etc)
Normally there emerge a couple of front runners. I'll leave it to voters who those candidates will be this time around :-}
And I know at least one person who would disagree there have been no legal repercussions in the Poutine case.

And what does your Crystal Ball say about Farbridge or do we have to pay the "Piper"?
With Downer back in the play on WARD 5 Piper is expandable - oops me bad - expendable. Cam's prospects look better than ever!
Guelph Civic LEAGUE - Where is James when you need him? Answer - MIA

It is the Civic League that got this current administration elected, and they have been rewarded by having their hearts broken. Every tree on Carden cut down. The old growth forest destroyed. The shirt factory razed. The list goes on and on. That is why the League is trying to re-invent itself. The horse they bet on ran amok and they don't know what to do. They won't admit it, but a lot of them are willing to give Cam a chance since they figure he can't do any worse.

There are similarities between Paul Martin and Karen Farbridge and Cam and Harper.

Farbridge, like Martin, is a neoliberal masquerading as a progressive. Exactly why, As Ray points out, that we've seen trees cut down on Carden, old growth forests cut locally etc, and also federally, saw massive cuts to transfer payments to the provinces and a gutting of the EI system under the Martin regime in the 90s.

Cam, like Harper, is a neo-con masquerading as a conservative. Both of them pretending to stand up for the little guy, all the while not caring a whit for anyone other than business or whomever has the most money.

This is what most of our electoral choices come down to on every level: Provincial, Federal and municipal.


Yea what we need is a Ron Paul for the Municipals, but at any rate Chamberlain is running for Ward 3

So far I believe Guthrie is the best bet we got, for Mayors office, and Chamberlain is the best bet for Ward 3 but I can't vote in that ward since I'm in Ward 1

Hopefully, Craig Chamberlain will be elected. I'm not in his ward, but would vote for him if I could. I've read many comments by him and find him to be extremely objective....could be the voice of reason on council.We need more people on council who don't have personal agendas and he's a good addition.

We are in Craig Chamberlain's ward and last election, he was the only one who knocked on our door. Plus I've read his comments on this blog long enough now to feel I know something of what he offers so there's a good chance he will be getting our votes on Oct. 27.
Googlicious Maggie is fun to watch but when I called her once on a parking issue, she must have decided we were too "rich" after googling our place on Google streetscape because we never heard from her.

As for Hofland....she's better but she recently stabbed her constituents in the back by siding with St. Joe's on an issue (even Karen her Highness became involved) because she enjoys "lunching" with the overpaid head honchos at St. Joe's all on the citizens/taxpayers dime instead of representing the folks who actually live in her ward.

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