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January 17, 2014


Hopefully they will license rental housing and particularly crack down on these absentee landlords.

Its kind of odd that one needs a business permit or license to run all sorts of other businesses, but not to be a landlord.

What is the city trying to hide with this confidentiality agreement? City Business should be transparent and accountable.

I would think that confidentiality would be needed because changes would likely be required to municipal bylaws. Until such changes were agreed upon and the rest of the procedure open to public discussion and voting, it would make sense to keep the committee discussions private. Thusly, no particular individual, business or group would have information prior to public discussion.


It may well not be the City that has an interest in keeping some data under wraps. It could be private data about landlords or even confidential data belonging to the landlords that must be kept private.


You don't think that there's a certain irony in the fact that you have chosen to not give your full name in a post where you accuse the city of "trying to hide" something in a confidentiality agreement?

No more than anything you write here, Fred (Banting? Astaire? Flintstone?)

Can we just get off this silly non-issue. If folks want to publish their full name, address, telephone and SIN numbers, more power to ya. If they don't, more power to them too.


Fine, but I was just pointing out that people want to keep things on QT for a host of reasons. Adam was the guy who was ascribing sinister motives to the city for having people on a committee sign a non-disclosure agreement.

I'm now retired, so don't care about future career prospects.

But when employed for many years by a major Guelph organization whose President was a close friend of the Mayor, I couldn't possibly speak my mind on ANY subject in the media or blogs..

Sometimes I suspect those proposing free disclosure of identities are either thoroughly union-protected - or maybe just plain unemployed? Nothing to lose? Just wondering?

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