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February 06, 2014


Fine and dandy. How about we make the current 2 trains work smoothly first. Absolutely no transit connections when the trains arrive and no parking are being ignored by this mayor and councillors. Staff just don't give a flying doodle with half hearted attempts of holding buses and using lame excuses like the trains always late. Umm do a shuttle bus how hard is that? And parking. how hard is it to find 25 spots in the lot near the station? Acton did. Kitchener did. Why not Guelph?

Good post, Mark. Farbridge et al's words are cheap. The real costs aren't.

Guelph had best figure out the mess for a transit system already extant before lecturing others. A good start would be to integrate Guelph Transit with GRT...or even better, petitioning Ontario for Guelph to be part of Waterloo Region, and enjoy the economies of scale in many areas. As it stands, buses would be faster and far more economical, as much as I love trains.

If they integrated it surely Greyhound would go to the OMB over it, besides Greyhound is charging a facility fee here of a few dollars. Toronto and neighboring cities don't have that.


Louis: The OMB have nothing to do with transportation matters. It's the Min of Transport. Toronto Bus Terminal certainly does charge a fee,albeit I agree that it's a nonsense at both ends.

It would really be best to get jobs (read companies) to this area. Guelph has some huge unused factories and lands that needs to be filled. Shipping people to the big cities simply is putting the cart in front of the horse.

Merging with GRT is the worst idea ever, perhaps Stephen S has not heard how WatRegion taxpayers are being hit paying for an unnecessary LRT megaproject, while people cannot get to or from Toronto without hige inconvenience and cost. The lack of train service or will to find a way to pay for it is typical politicking at the expense of good sense. Currently, even with the 'facility fee' gouge, greyhound is the best service from Guelph to TO. Maybe some of those Einstein. Politician should ask why that is.

Wendy, the travel times on Greyhound are actually WORSE to and from Guelph then Greyhound.

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