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July 07, 2013



A gas station would be nicer... closest gas stations are Gordon/Kortright or Stone/Scottsdale or Stone/Edinburgh for anyone along Clair to Laird Road area!!




That was not the Keg's first choice of location. The Manor was, but negotiations on price failed.


When is the Keg slated to open?


I would really like to see a Giant Tiger come to Guelph. I'd rather keep monies in Guelph than have to travel to Kitchener or Cambridge. I believe we do not need a Keg in that area. I know alot of people that work at the end of the city and theres no gas station to be found. The city should really look at whats needed in this city, not whats wanted.


I am quite happy there will finally be a Keg in town. And I have little doubt it will be a busy place. Long overdue.


Does everyone that posts here think that the City is running the Keg and chose to put it in the South instead of deciding to run a gas station there? Have any gas stations applied to open? Really people, shake your head would you?

BTW, you bought your piece of heaven in the South End with a large house on a treeless lot with no gas stations (and likely no grocery store, movie theatre, LCBO etc. either). Maybe you should see if Reid's, Fusion, or Thomasfield would like to create their site build with a gas station going forward. Chances are, if you are looking for a gas station, you have a car, so drive to one.

Rocket Gal

Zehrs should add a gas station to their new grocery store project (like they have in London Ont.)

Kathy Elo

how about something in the east end??


Don't want some stupid , stinking gas station out here fouling up the air with careless punk kids selling 3 day old hot dogs and beef jerky The keg is perfect, its all coming together nicely.


Forget gas stations - buy an electric car!

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