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October 29, 2010



C'mon man!! A third round pick?!? What are they thinking? Electing Tyler Carroll captain has had serious consequences. He should be the one gone. Sisca helps the team THIS YEAR...a third round pick in 2011 won't do jack...ever. This team has one chance at success, and it's this year. As soon as Beck, Latta and Holland are gone this team straight up sucks. A third round pick won't change that. Saginaw made out like thieves on this one.

Can anyone justify this to me as a good move?


You have no way of knowing how the third round pick will turn out. Like larry said on the broadcast tonight,. Ther has to be onother trade or trades to come, Lets wiat an see. The strom have plenty of xtra draft picks and younge prospicks.


My fear Bob is that a lot of those assets are going to be spent on getting the thirty goal scorer that the Storm traded away for a third round pick. The defensive lineup is yielding over 40 shots yet again.


Sending him home till he accepts the trade to the eastern div team wouda been the smart thing to do,the team could not of been in a rush for a 3rd round pick.looks like Horace Debussy Jones lives.


Brooks and this fairly new ownership are slowly but surely wrecking a once great franchise. I am at the point that as long as Brooks stays I will not be going to anymore games.

Good luck Sisca.


@ Bob

You're right I don't how it will turn out...but I do know that 3rd round picks don't normally end up scoring 30 goals.


Mark Hunter deals the often injured Phil Varone to Erie for a 2nd and a 3rd round pick.

Can't wait to see what our GM has up his sleeve for that 3rd round pick. I'll give the benefit of doubt until then.


At least he gets two picks we only get one for a player who is healthy. No benefit of doubt from me. It has been the same old thing since Brooks has been with the Storm. Time for change. We Guelph fans want to see hockey we saw before Bar and Brooks came to the Storm. This is why I stop coming frome TO to the Storm games.


if brooks is still here next year, I,m done as a 20 year season ticket holder. a 3rd rounder for Sisca. I,m going to miss the Storm games.


Anyone who wants to give the benifit of the doubt to a proven looser here we go again "oh dont worry there is something up my sleave" no wonder Anahiem doesnt want Palmeri playing here If I was an NHL GM I wouldnt risk the devolopment of my top prospects with this coaching staff either codos to Anahiem in protecting there assets from this joke!


I second bandwagon's comments except I disagree that this once great franchise is slowly being ruined. It is being ruined fairly quickly now and all because of what we have behind the bench. Brook's & his crew are a total joke.


Sisca two goals tonght already.

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