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September 23, 2012



From Saginaw game blog post:
"But if the Storm plays for 40 minutes like it did in the middle part of that game against London, they're probably going to lose about 6-2."

Pretty good call.

Simon in London

I caught that too stormfan and thought Tony almost nailed it.
The Storm were bad yesterday at times but not totally lost. They seemed to try and play outside their game later on with that real up-tempo style and against London that doesn't work...ask Niagara
Walker has to bo back to a 1-4 style against London and that whole speedy team. Go play 2 guys deep all the time London will bury you.


Just as bad as last year. The team needs some older experienced players.


We sure could use those other two overagers. Is it just me, what was with the play of Sparks yesterday. I am still not sold on him.


Sparks will be fine. Not his best effort however. There will be growing pains this team is still very young. More experience on the backend will help as well. I will admit I am getting pretty tired of watching London and Kitchener get the better of us over the past few years.

Longtime fan

What the hell was that? They were the better team in the 1st for sure but not sure what happened after that.That's what we heard last year, they're young!!, no more excuses

Tim Kingsbury

Well I can easily answer the coaches question when -Scott Walker said, "where was that intensity when it mattered?"

Answer - on the bench, because you benched it. Period.

There is a fine line between sending a message, and breaking a kids spirit. The line of McGinn, Kosmachuk and Richard showed what magic could be. But the second there is an issue, and I am not talking even giving up a goal, it is split that line up, then tossed into another line they haven't practiced with, it is - ride the pines your benched.

When it happened again Sunday, and two of those three were benched as the game totally go out of hand, I certainly wonderred why some were benched and others who were nightmares on the ice, appeared to be rewarded with extra shifts.

There is more going on here than on ice performance and expecting more of drafted players. Two games in, I have to tell you, major red flags are up everywhere.

Rewatch the games, go check out the score sheet. Things are not adding up. Im a big Scott Walker fan, but if he made the calls to bench and reward, he was in error and last nights outcome
did have coaching factoring into it.



Isn't it customary for the team to turn at least one hugely lopsided stinker per season? I'd rather see it happen in the second game of the season than in January. Let's hope the guys rebound and learn from this in the weeks to come. Right now, there sitting at .500.........


Early days yet, everyone take a deep breath.


YUP! There are 66 games left in the schedule. Some of us may have to eat our words before its all over and then again some of us may be smug in calling it right. Either way, isn't it a little early to set off the alarm bells, red flags or whatever. I, for one, am prepared to ease up at this point and whatch how this young team develops. There is a great deal of potential out there. We may see some real heroes emerge that will make some of the current and former "stars" pale in significance.


I agree with all of the above, it is to early to get to upset, if it was January or February then we need to be concerned; not the second game of the season. It is better now than letter. At the next game with them we have to show that that game was not the norm for this team. Bu th the next game in London will not be easy. But you can tell Dale Hunter is back.

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