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November 25, 2012



Wilson can't be judged on this game, I am sure nerves played a big part, old team new area and fans. Let's give him a chance. Yes as per Scott said he needs ice time. Hopefully Scott will follow thru on his own comment. Yes Richard was right, the team let up and look what happend. I really like the idea that DaSilva is with the B' it will give him ice time and when we need him at Christmas if Sparks is gone.


I can't agree more, let's not jump on Wilson's back he has enough weight there already.
I just find that Coach Walker used a strange phrase in Wilson's defence. Tony Saxon quoted him in his article "Guelph Storm builds big lead then holds on against Ottawa 67ā€™s" on November 24th" as saying: ā€œIā€™m sure he wants a few of those back, but HE'S GOT TO PLAY AND GET SOME CONFIDENCE,ā€ Storm coach Scott Walker said.
Too bad he didn't think that way where DaSilva was concerned. Maybe a couple of starts might have buoyed the kid up and GM, Kelly wouldn't have had to burn some draft picks picking up another goaltender using them in some other way of strengthening the club.
Note: My capitals above to draw attention to the "strande Phrasing ... I say strange because he did not consider doing that with DaSilva.


Senjangolfer, perhaps the Coach and Goalie Coach saw something in numerous practices that you didn't in a few minutes of play to decide that Da Silva was not ready to play at an OHL level. Maybe they preferred him to play at a lower level where he could gain confidence and experience.


Hockeyfan, I couldn't agree more. That is exactly my point! If DaSilva was a dud then he should have been eased out immediatlely, not left to languish on the pines. Sent him off to find his niche in hockey and pick up a goalie of your liking. But to destroy a young boys ego is incomprehensible! The new goaltender should have been brought in ASAP. What they did to DaSilva turns my stomach!


But to destroy a young boys ego is incomprehensible! I think you are completly wrong on this.


Been there done that, bob. To be drafted to the Storm was probably a great thrill and a boost for the kid. Not to get a single start and to only average a little over 32 minutes in 4 outings was not the way you encourage goalies. They should have sent him down as soon as they felt he wasn't ready and wouldn't be ready this season. I was glad to see that he did well in net for the Hurricanes. You may yet see him in action for the Storm if Walker reappraises him and more importantly shows some faith in the young man.

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