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January 10, 2013



Hey Tony will you be blogging just Storm trades or will you also be blogging trades made within the League as well?


Will blog other trades as I hear them.

Formerly Unimpressed

If next year is going to be "the year", do you think Mr Kelly should be trading anyone not returning for whatever he can get? Or keep them and let the year play out, ending in likely another 1st rd playoff defeat? Personally, I look at this much like a UFA at the end of his contract in the NHL - if they are not going to be here next year, GM should get what he can before losing the player for nothing. Just curious about your thoughts. Thanks!


but not impact players. Then why trade for theses kind of players.


I agree with Formerly Unimpressed I would have to think with go for it year next year they should at least explore the options as to moving Richard and Pedan especially to eastern conference teams (Oshawa and Belleville)Standing pat or making a minor deal Im afraid will lead the team nowhere

Formerly Unimpressed

I don't understand your comment. What do you mean, not impact players? If they are not returning (Pedan/Richard/Sparks) they will have exactly zero impact with the Storm next year....better to get something for them, rather than nothing. I am a season ticket holder - as I am sure you are too - and I would rather sacrifice this year and have a great shot next year, then to have a less than good chance either year considering all the holes that will need to be filled in 13/14.

I just believe you either have to win with purpose or lose with purpose. Staying in the middle means you are likely going to remain in the middle.

This team was supposed to be primed to make a run a couple of years ago as well, and while there are a plethora of reasons it didn't work out then, then fact is there was never a real "go for it" year.

That was old management, yes, but I am hoping this regime does not make the same mistakes. I am not ready to condemn Mr Kelly at all, I just want the team to make a clear decision, and if that is next year GREAT! But he must do everything he can then to plan and build for next year, which to me means seriously exploring any reasonable offer for players not expected to return.

If I have misunderstood what you were trying to say, then consider this just an expansion on my previous post. Enjoy deadline day!


What I wanted say was Mr. Kelly said he would not trade for impact players. so why make thoses other kind of trades.

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