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January 11, 2013



SO Tony do you think they can win around without having to steal it as some think.

4th Man In

I think Kelly made the right decision. Next season, they will be loaded up front with more than enough depth to flip one or two forwards to fill holes on the back end. This was not the year this team was built for, but 2013-2014. They are just not ready to compete with London and Owen Sound this year and Kelly was smart enough to realize that.


It all depends if Sparks is back...


I think Mike Kelly is doing a wonderful job, and told him so this evening after the Town Hall meeting. Interestingly, despite all of the flak and trash talk I have seen in the comments on this blog, the Storm Forum and by various folks on Twitter, no one stepped up to really confront Mike Kelly tonight in the way that they feel most comfortable to do so with the anonymity of the 'net. I saw something this week where it was suggested that it was time Mike was fired - didn't see or hear any of that at the Town Hall meeting, despite that being the perfect forum to voice that opinion and solicit a response.

I think the Storm are on track here, and I know Mike Kelly has way more experience than any of us - I continue to trust his instincts and continue to take the opinions of many in the social media arena with a grain of salt.

Thanks again Tony for your continued updates and unbiased reporting.


I agree LV....Mike has done a very good job in drafting these kids...and staying the coarse.Bertuzzi made an immediate impact in his return. His physicality, and relentless forecheck..creates so much room for his linemates...glad to see him back. Posa, played a real solid game , steady Eddie back there, just what the doctor ordered, he'll relieve some pressure from Harpur as far as minutes. The rookie looked really good out there , be interesting to see where he goes from here, but regardless , its safe to say that he will be with us next year full time . We just beat the #1 team in the east, surely without their best player but we were without ours and with Sparks back in the paint (" keeping up with the Jones' " ), trust me , we'll be slapping a few of those Jones' in the face on our way to the playoffs. Go Storm Go !!


Go Storm Go


If they stay healthy and play up to their potential on a consistent basis, they could win the Western Conference.
But they haven't been able to do either over the long term so far this season.


The first time Mr. Krlly was in Guelph as GM I dio not remember him doing things any different then now. Where have you been Tim. I am glad you are not the ownwer, thank God.


Mr Kelly knows what he's doing. Nobody need to worry about it!
Bob your right he was a great GM when they were top in the league years back, don't see why he can't do it again.
Tim seems to think he knows all because he's a HARDCORE storm fan? Probably wouldnt last a month in the GM office!!!!

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