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February 06, 2013



Guelph looked so different tonight than they did against Owen Sound. It looked to me that our guys had a rough night handling the size of Kitchener tonight.


I understand what Kosmachuk was trying to do. That may be true but the Storn vets must not be doing that time and time again, it will not work. the result showed that again.Myby Mr. Walker has to stop playing some players so much, they seem to be getting tired and pushed around to much. PS. when his he going to give Sparks a rest. He is going to be so tired by playoff time.


Consistancy, thats all I am asking for. It looked to me like the Coaches don't have a 'system' in place. One night, shooting away at the net, the next doing nothing but bad passing. Men out of position all night long, everytime pass in front of the net, nobody there, just a Rangers player!! So its not just the players to blame here folks...


I they had no system in place, they would not have anywhere near the number of points they have in the standings. Especally they would not have beaten the Attack so much.


Said Scott Walker: “Do we have enough to do it? Well obviously not, no we don’t. So maybe we’re better not to play them in the playoffs."
I think it is time they either put a muzzle on Walker or get him a babysitter when there is a reporter anywhere near him.... This quote can be taken negatively in alot of different ways, and on all different levels.

Call it as it is

2 things 1 this team is not talented enough to get it done, and 2 sorry to burst your bubble Danny but Walker owns the team and what he says is bang on would you rather him be a typical BS'er and say oh yea we gave it a hard effort but bla bla bla they played like crap and he called them out absolutely nothing wrong with that you want a PG 13 coach go watch little league


I agree, but they are not talented at this stage, but theses players are younger. When they get one year older

they will be there.


A few things....
1) I always find it amusing that an article on a loss garners much more attention and posts about what's wrong than an article on a win garners praise and support;
2) There is a system and Walker is a good coach - consistency and finish is not there yet - but it will come;
3) Walker called the boys out to motivate them - it's not that he believes they don't have it - he can only do so much in the dressing room and sometimes a quote in the media can light a fire;
4) Kosmachuk was invited to dance - I watched Puempel clearly invite him and drop his gloves first
5) Most disappointing thing was the crowd - most sparse crowd I've ever seen for a Rangers game, and quiet to boot. It would be nice if the players knew that the hometown fans were truly behind them. They shouldn't let the crowd dictate how they play, but that must have been a bit of a letdown when the lights came up and so many empty seats were visible - I know it was a letdown for me.

Just my two cents worth......


One thing I forgot - the effort level wasn't there in this game - I thought they looked disinterested for most of the game. Not sure if that was linked to a disappointment in the state of the crowd or not, but no excuse not to give it your all every shift - that goes back to the consistency point made a few times.


I agree about the crowd, but all the years I have been going games in Guelp-like 55 years absolutley Wed, is the worst night to play a game in Guelph no mater who is there. The storm shoud no this and not plasy any Weds. games. Play nore Tues. and have a promotion also.


more sorry


There are a few comments about talent level. This team has the talent to beat any team provided they play 60 minutes of hard hockey.

A couple of observations Kitchener was the better team backchecking and forcing Guelph to make quick decisions when entering the offensive zone.

Guelph still is reluctant to get into the dirty areas to score goals. On their first goal McNaughton was on the PP and immediately got in front of the net and within a few seconds the puck was in the back of the net. This is the only time I saw this. We have the type of players to play this way. I would like to see an Auger, Horvat or McNaughton on the PP and there only job is to screen the goalie.

We will see what happens Friday.


I Just have to correct something... Walker is the owner, yes. Exactly why he cannot say something that is easily construed by the league as purposely going to lose games so they do not face Kitchener. This was not calling out his players in a smart way. It was another childish not well thought out comment by Scott. You call your players out by saying they are not up to Kitcheners standards, not by saying maybe we're better to not play them in the Playoffs. It is a few simple words switched around that makes a world of difference. And Scott is Lucky he has Bill and Chris doing his coaching for him.

bob baldasso

Are you kiddy Chris and Bill doing his job.


I agree with Bob that they shoud not plasy any Weds. games

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