storm: Storm 5 Rangers 3

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February 18, 2013



what is the Ranger reporters, wright up about the game doing on our paper. What dose he mean they outplayed us when five on five and even strength. What game was he watching.


Bauman and Harpur continue to impress in their development as a young defencemen. Great scrap for Bauman vs. an OA.


You cant agree that Kitchener outplayed Guelph 5v5?? The shots certainly showed Kitchener had quite the edge when the skaters were even. If Kitchener doesnt take half those penalties this is a whole new game. But that didnt happen.....

Maniac Matt

That instigator bauman took was complete BS schoenmakes came right in after bauman was hit from behind called him on and bauman kicked his ass end of story the instigator shoulda went to the big dumb ranger forward!

Bill Doucet

Baumann actually jumped on Thomson's back and punched him a couple times before Schoenmakers came in. That's why Baumann earned the instigator.


Shots on net do not always tell the story.Just poor losing Ranger fans. Theses teams do not like getting beaten by each other.


The same goes for the last time the Rangers were in Guelph, you could say there same thing the Storm took to many penalties. This is just one of several ways a team will loose.


Bob you are being serious right now? So you can sit here and tell me honestly that the Rnagers didnt dominate the third period? They didnt control the play at the end of the first and start of teh second? What game were you watching?? I wish their was better stat tracking in the OHL. Kitchener probably had twice as many shots towards the net then were recorded (Gue blocked A LOT!)...again, more evidence that Kitchener carried the play. 8-2 in PP's and Kitchener still literally had the game tied in the dieing seconds. I am not a 'poor losing Rnagers fan'...just someone who actually watched the game.


The Storm power play has been well below what it has to be in many games at times against not just the Rangers. Blocking shots is a big part of any team wining a game. Once again I will say there many ways you win or loses a game.


Back and forth Ranger/Storm banter. Man I missed this. It is nice to finally have both teams competing at a high level.

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