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March 26, 2013



Agreed Agreed Agreed about Pedan!!!

Incredible performance by him tonight.

Team played great again tonight, they are starting to get the traffic in front of the net that they need. Having McGinn back on Thursday will be a huge plus.

Any update on where Matt Finn's injury is at?


Matt is still quite some time away from returning, if at all this season.

Marcel Lanneval

A fantastic finish to a hard fought game. I didn't hear much booing and what started in the early stages of the game seemed to die out after a while (Were they Ranger fans?). Those Kitchener boo birds (who posted on Tony Saxon’s blog) who were looking for Storm fans to behave in a similar fashion to the Ranger fans must have been disappointed. Way to go Storm! Way to go Storm Fans! I am proud to call myself a Storm Fan because of you all! I sure hope our Kitchener visitors did not feel as threatened in our midst as we Storm Fans felt during the last two games in Kitchener.


We fought back...once they started to score we rang our noisemaker so loud and long we "annoyed" some Rangers fans haha


Pedan had one heck of a game! I also thought Bertuzzi, Fabbri and Posa had really good games. Posa has been rock solid back on defence. His positioning on a player and I like his smarts on the pp when he gets out there. Keep getting pucks to the net. Looking forward to having MGinn back. I didn't see Dickison on the ice in the 2nd half of the 3 rd....was he injured?


The guy singing the anthem last night was amazing. I sure hope they bring him back on Thursday night. I would of liked to have seen the score board do a Go Guelph Go right after to the crowd going.


I agree KB - I thought a GO STORM GO at the opening faceoff would have been great. Storm fans just tend to be a bit subdued in getting that chant going, but they sure bought into it in the dying minutes - I really think it gives that extra push to the players. Maybe the graphics folks at the Sleeman Centre can flip that graphic up on the board more frequently on Thursday - I think the buy-in will be there.

Brilliant effort boys!



They made a game of it I must say but the intensity they brought in the last 8 minutes needs to be there all game. The refs took a lot out of the game though with some really questionable calls, for once it was Kitchener on the receiving end.

That said the reality is our PP remains non existent - we are now 1 for 16 over the 3 games.

On thing that bothered me - who in the Guelph organization thought it was a good idea to sell half the section behind the home end net to Ranger fans? I am sure that impressed Sparks listening to that, any other arena in the league would have spread them all over. Of course at times it sounded like we were at a Ranger home game, they must have had 40% of the announced crowd.


Congrads to the team they are amazing! Provided not oo many changes in players take place other than the obvious reducing over agers and over agers leaving we are in very good shape next year and next. One guy that stood out for me was Fabbri. He is amazing. He works extremely hard. If you think he is good now wait till next year! Thursday's game is going to be very interesting.


I think maybe they went on line and got them. If the people in Guelph would go out a buy there tickets first instead waiting to last day to decide if they are coming. This would not happen.


I agree with Bob, I don;t believe a bunch of Rangers fans were put together on purpose. Plus there is really no control over who buys the tickets. If tickets are available and a Rangers fan wants them, there is no stopping them.

Can't wait to have McGinn back for game 4! As well, I hope they bring back that anthem singer!


It may sound funy but I think the Storm fans re too reserved. They didn't eally "take it up a knotch" until our boys scored the first goal. The cheering for Pedan's goal did not really calm down from there till the end of the game. Our fans were into it and the team rode to a real high on the rousing, noisy suppot. If only we can do that on Thursday. I agree with those who have said that it would be great if the "GO STORM GO!chant were posted on the large screen right after the anthem ends.

Marcel Lanneval

After Tuesday's gameI passed a word on to the lady who has helped Pedan with his English. His aility to rile the refs with his comments shows that he has captured the essence of English sufficiently to be comprehended by the officials. This promted me to say to her to tell Adrey (the next time he is in a postion where he wants the ref to know what to do with his whistle) to put on an big angelic smile, reem him Russian and quietly go to the box! Think it will work?


senjangolfer - I agree - the fans have been reserved for the last two to three years at a minimum. I think it's a bit related to the personalities in the crowd in some way - not that it's a bad thing to be a reserved, polite person. Maybe some are self conscious about jumping in on a chant or something. I think you may see that things will get changed up on Thursday when the anthem ends - I just hope that the Storm fans jump in from the get-go!

Enough people are obviously reading and commenting on Tony's blog here - hopefully those who are reading and commenting can take some leadership in the stands (not saying you're not already) and jump in on the chanting right off the bat. Let's really get behind the guys and start that noise early folks!

Can't wait for tomorrow night!



I shall do my part and try to encourage those around me to do likewise.


I would too but every time a start get louder and cheer someone tells me to shut up.


By the way I never use fowl language and anything close to it, just cheer loud.


Cheer them on for us tonight! Get Loud Guelph fans! My son has his own playoff game tonight or else we would be there! GO STORM GO!!!


Absolutely magnificent comeback on Tuesday night. I also thought the national anthem singer really added the right touch to the game & he should be doing it for us at every storm game if possible. I agree with the above comments regarding having the go storm go chant on the screen right after the anthem. As LV stated let,s get behind our boys tonight & give them the support they deserve.


I'll be the first to admit , Pedan isin't my favorite but he had a wail of a game and he could have games like this all the time if he would stay out of the box even just 25% less ! Also, Kodo's to Bertuzzi for loggin some big minutes and playing hardnose hockey in McGinns absents. He's had a ton of scoring chances and looks really good out there. We have the momentum , and have had it now for 2 games in my opinion. No doubt in my mind we could win this series. We one of the hardest working teams in the league GO STORM GO !!

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