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March 13, 2013



Hey Tony - what up with Poliziani? Haven't seen him in the line up in a while. Is he hurt or has he just slid down the depth chart?
Just wondering.


Healthy scratch.


Why was Murphy let out of the penalty box before Alberga when Pedan scored? I am pretty sure Murphy was the last penalty called on the play and therefore should not of been let out first. Is this correct Tony?


It was a good game, not a great game and certainly not the playoff atmosphere I expected. The crowd was absent except for the fight and the goals. Not one chant of "go Storm go" or even anything from the Rangers fans. I guess when the Storm organization (not the arena staff) chooses to serve a letter on their most vocal fan telling him to cease and desist this is the vanilla atmosphere you get. Maniac Matt has been told to sit down and shut up, not to wave his flag and not to blow his horn. Seems strange when they sell horns and flags right at the arena.

With this atmosphere it will be another year of "one and done" playoffs. The new Storm motto "we strive for mediocrity - quietly"


But is ok for Kitchener fans to wave flags from the party box but our guy can't. Where is the fairness and where management coming from. Management obviously don't what us to cheer for the team unless Paul Osborne says it's ok. How far do you think the team will go if there fans don't chere them on.

Maniac Matt

Haha funny you bring this up T.J. And dedicated, I've been trying for about 10 to 13 years to bring a cheering atmosphere into the sleeman centre and as of Friday I was told I can no longer wave my flag, blow my horn, or Evan cheer for that matter. I believe this team is going no where without fan support and fan cheering. In closing I've decided to cancel my season ticket for next year.


My jaw dropped when I heard about Maniac Matt. What a complete joke that is. Storm management should get their head a shake. What's next? No signs? No clapping? No talking during play? No music or talking between whistles so that refs players and coaches can be heard easily? Anybody who's ever complained about Matt should grow a pair. As long as he's sitting down while play I can't see any problem other than a bunch of losers looking for someone to silence


Maniac Matt I'm sorry to hear you are cancelling your season ticket but I TOTALLY agree and maybe we all should either do that or something to show our displeasure. Besides who in that front office made that dumb bonehead dicesionanyway. They should have there head or something cut off because they were or are not thing with there brain but there ---.

A and A

The Storm management and ownership should be ashamed of themselves for quieting Maniac Matt. He is truly the best fan in the building and, oftentimes, [over the past few years at least] he is the best entertainment in the building. I was going to get season tickets for my son and I next season, really close to where Maniac Matt sits, now I likely won't. My eight-year old son and his friends get a huge kick out of Matt and his passion [take note Storm, the kids dig Matt!].

I wondered why Matt was so quiet last night when the Storm was playing their biggest rival...I thought he was sick. What a shame that a pointless, late game argument, started by a loser Sudbury fan has cost the Storm their best fan.

Storm management and ownership [yes, you to Scott Walker], wake up and give your collective heads a shake. Unmuzzle the best fan you have and give him back his flag. If you want to get through the OHL playoffs with your home building rocking, you will need him.


A Storm and Maniac Matt fan!

Maniac Matt

Funniest thing about the situation is I've never been paid by the storm for my enthusiasm, pride or sponsorship. The most the storm organization has ever givin me was my crimson jersey with no name or letter and gave me some flags and a storm puck for my wedding, that's how big of a storm fan I am my wife and I had a storm style wedding, bleed crimson and white and it kills me to have to come to such an abrupt finish to my Maniac Matt career, by the way the storm organization Said the reason they are doing this is because I say "get off ur knees (refs name) your blowing a good game" which most times they are doing!

Storm fan 114

Storm managenent has exactly what they want, a vanilla building. People on here are always wondering why the Storm does better on the road than at home. Well now we have the reason. WE HAVE NO HOME ICE ADVANTAGE. You go to arena's of teams that have good records at home and they have fans that are vocal and cheer their team on, ride the referee's, and other teams players. It's called a tough building to play in. They even have been known to influence the ref's calls sometimes. We don't have any of that and quite obviously storm management dosn't want it. God help us if anyone in the crowd gets upset. Political correctness gone stupid.
Makes me sick.


Thats funny Matt if thats the reason. I have probably heard you use that line 100 times over the years. In fact your Dad has used it more often than you have (and he was a referee for many years) and I don't remember it ever being an issue with anyone. This is obviously a Storm Front Office knee jerk reaction to who knows what, one complaint.

Common sense (which appears to be sadly lacking in Storm land these days) would have been to approach you and talk to you about the issue. To give you a letter is heavy handed and smacks of discrimination. I heard far worse words out of the Ranger fans at last nights game - including the "F"-bomb. Will they have letters waiting for all of them next game. I doubt it.

Fans pay their money and part of that is the expectation that they can cheer for their team. You have never used profanity in all the years I have sat near you. The Storm Management should be ashamed. They owe you a written apology and it should be posted on the big screen.

Maniac Matt

Amen to that T.J. They are trying to say I swear at almost every game and like u said I haven't sworn in all the years I've been watching and commenting on storm hockey

Maniac Matt

During The game against Sudbury, one fan approached me about my ref comment and said he was Dickinsons father and said it was inappropriate. However I believe he obviously said something to storm mgmt. after this the storm organization has been treating me like complete dirt and if I wasn't born and raised in guelph all my life ide go cheer in a different arena but this is MY city and I love to express how proud I am to call myself a Guelphite!


Are you allowed to post the letter? If you can then you should do it. Also lets get some letters sent to The Mercury so that they'll publish what has happened If Tony doesn't do it himself

Tony Saxon

Send me a copy of the letter and your phone number to and ill look into it if you want.

Phil K.

Good luck, Matt. I hope that this situation is resolved and that we see you back waiving your flag for all home games next season!

As for people saying that ownership has gotten what they want - a sterile, vanilla atmosphere....why would that be their goal? It just doesn't make sense to me that they would be striving for that as it doesn't help anything. If the argument is that they are going too far in the name of political correctness, or that they are trying too hard to please one fan while upsetting many, then I agree. I just don't see a benefit for management/ownership to have the quiet atmosphere that has been referred to on here.

Tony, hopefully you can look into this a little further. If Matt's side of the story is indeed correct, the Storm have made a mistake.



I definitely support Matt and hope Storm management change their mind and let him do his thing. Having said this, and I don’t consider myself a prude, I do find his remark to the referees inappropriate in a public place. I would be offended if I heard that remark while sitting with my family. My concern is not where it was directed but the comment itself.

Maybe a little reminder that the remark was inappropriate was all that was necessary in this case but to outright ban him from cheering is way over the top.

Matt, I’ll be happy to carry your flag tonight.

Phil K.

Agreed, Murph.

A reminder about language permitted in the arena would have sufficed, IMO. As I said, we only have one side of the story, so I am curious to see if Tony's investigating digs up anything else.


I too look forward to Matt going up and down the stairs during stoppages of play in different sections waving his flag yelling "Go Storm Go". He gets everyone into it! Heck, he deserves to get his season tickets free. He gets the fans going more than Spike or Stormy does throughout the games. Bring Matt and his flag Back.......

Call it as it is

The Storm management is a joke, I say lets go cheer on the Rangers at least they support a rowdy crowd. Pathetic and Dickinsons dad is a joke!


If the Storm were to leave Guelph I'd go to Ranger games just to cheer for their opponent. My first hockey game was Storm VS Rangers back in the old arena (which seemed huge to me but then I saw some pictures online..) and since then I've always been against them. I respect their organization but I'd never go and cheer for them

Not a fan of Maniac Matt

Matt, they never said to stop waving the flag or stop cheering. They said let the fans see the ice and don't make inappropriate comments.....far from what you are reporting here. Brutal

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