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March 19, 2013


Rob H

So Tony, any insight on his chances of returning next year? Toronto does have a lot of depth in the minors as far as goaltending goes - 50/50 chance?
Hopefully he does return, we can use a stud tendy. If not then trading and possibly the import draft will have to be the route.


The Marlies have three goalies and the Leafs have two (not great ones) so I expect Sparks back next season.

Phil K.

Marlies really only have two goalies I think - I believe there are three on the roster, but only two are really prospects. Could also be that he heads to the ECHL as I think that is what they have done with many of the goalies in their system.

I would not count on Sparks being back, but I really really hope he will be. I think he would be tough to replace!


I think it would be smart for the Leafs to send him back to Guelph for one more year rather than put him on the Marlies as a backup role?
Also one more year in guelph knowing they are going to be really good would help his confidence and he could end up winning a championship here.

But i know its the leafs decision and i hope they send him back here and we have a really good chance of doing even bigger things next year with most of the guys being back.

Go Storm GO


I don't see him coming back. Rynnas is apparently going to Europe next season. Owuya is not in the Leafs future plans. They've seen what Sparks can do at this level, they'll have him playing pro.


Sparks is a lower top ten goalie in the OHL this season. He has logged a great deal of ice time. and put up some impressive numbers.It may be time for him to move on but I believe the Storm would bemefit more from his staying here for another season. Our coaching staff might be able to give him some polish (getting him to focus a little more and avoid those lapses that he seems prone to at times).


The Leafs don't care about what would benefit the Storm so that will have no bearing on their decision.


You are so wrong, sorry. Paul. Mr. negative.


A lower top 10 goalie in the OHL? He is seen by ever gm in the league as top 3. However that matters not. The maple leafs or for that matter every nhl team could care less what the benefit is for the storm. The second the storm are finished this year, Sparks will be assigned to the marlies, and he will never be back. The NHL teams always feel their professional coaching staff is superior to that of an OHL squad. Whether they are or not, really doesnt matter. They have signed Sparks to a lucrative contract which includes a substantial signing bonus, and he is as of today a professional goalie. The leafs will extend the courtesy of letting him finish the playoffs with the Storm, as is traditionally the custom because their only other option is to put him on the NHL roster. But the second his OHL season ends, he is deemed to be an OA for the 2013-14 season and as such can be assigned to any team the Leafs care to assign him to. That will be the Toronto Marlies and the Leafs like all NHL teams feel they have better coaching and control over the asset that they now pay for. You dont have to like it, but it is a fact, his
days in a guelph storm uniform end
at the end of the playoff run.


Bob....My stating the Leafs will do what's best for Sparks and his long term development does not make me negative.
The fact of the matter is Sparks has shone behind a defense that has been spotty at best. The only reason we finished where we did is because of Sparks.
As a Storm fan I'd love to see him back and have the Storm win the league. Realistically however, the Leafs goaltending depth is terrible and they'll have Sparks play pro to further his development.


still disagree.

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