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March 30, 2013



The Storm and the Leafs are constant losers. They will NEVER win a championship. Thanks to Jason Brooks who really put the Storm in the basement. GO BLUE JAYS.


why do people always compare to
Storm to the Leafs. Come on folks the Leafs have not won in over 45 years, the Storm have two league championships and have been to the cup four times total in there history. The Leafs do not even come close to that. Mr. Kelly has only been back for two years and bit, you do not rebuild from the mess the previous management left the Storm in over night. Can not wait to next year. Go Storm Go.


Finally a post from Tony that tells it like it is. The Guelph Storm are perennial middle of the pack first round cannon fodder. Most Season ticket holders I speak with at games are of the same opinion, Management/ownership are not committed to going the extra step to build a real contender the way Kitchener and London do year after year. We draft poorly and the proof is with teams like the Knights and Rangers who have picked after us in recent years but still managed to choose the quality big bodied player that has been the difference. Take our first round picks at the forward position over the past 5 years and compare them to other teams picks and the results are obvious.
We have heard the excuses and I am sure they will be trotted out again, "we need to get bigger", "we could have made moves but didn't want to upset the chemistry in the dressing room", our big players didn't show up tonight", "the kids are trying too hard", blah, blah, blah.
I really can't see next year as anything better than 5th place at best - add up those leaving; 3 overages, Sparks, Pedan, Richard, probably one or 2 others and what do you have - no size, a little speed, but not the type of team we have been repeatedly promised.
The other issue here is that Walker is not a Steve Spott or a Dale Hunter. He cannot seem to get the players to the next level or to compete with consistency game to game especially in the area of the power play. Since he is an owner this issue will only hurt the organization in the long run.


I do no think Tony feels anywhere near what you two posters do.
You two are always thinking negative. They gave all they could in the series. Way to go guys.

Garth Twitchell


Thank you for all the great work that you do. Your work adds tremendously to the enjoyment of the Storm fan experience and provides insight and understanding that we otherwise would not have.



Thanks for your continued coverage of the Storm. I am looking forward to your draft day coverage.

I have to say that it is frustrating that this team has not been more successful. There was a time when deep runs into the playoffs were a regular occurance season after season. it wasn't something that had to be worked towards for several years.

The biggest difference in today's OHL is the financial discrepencies between O.H.L. markets. Hence the continued success of certain franchises. When is the last time the Guelph Storm has had a high profile NCAA bound player report????

If the Storm are serious about contending it will start with this draft. Do they trade some picks to acquire players for next year? Do they take some high risk picks that will have to be recruited to report. Should be interesting.

I am sure Tony will keep us informed of any happenings.

Thanks again Tony!!!


Thanks Tony for all your blogs. While I do agree on some of your comments I think we have to give this management the time required to build a contending team. Both Mike Kelly & Scott Walker are relatively new to this organization, I feel they have done a great job & the team is definitely on the way up & not down. As per a quote be Mike Kelly he is going to "empty the tank" next season to become a contender. Hopefully we will get a good draft pick next Saturday & start from there. Have a great summer Tony.


Really looking forward to this team next year....core players will be bigger and stronger. We've had a glimpse of what's to come in Bauman, Locke and Stevens. Will be great to watch these 3 and the others progress. Think of the progress that Leslie, Harpur and Fabbri have made this year is going to be a blast!
We'll need to leverage Walkers Nhl connections and get a couple of impactful imports into the line-up for next a goalie and a sniper.
Maybe a trade or two to add a pp qb and another power forward and bang we have a contender.
Thanks Tony for this forum, lots of differing views.

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