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September 20, 2013



Tony I know what you are saying. But after tonight what Justin did tonight,and get a somewhat of a standing ovation,he made a pretty strong case for himself that he is a very good goal tender. It will be very interesting to see him in further action.


The only standing ovation I saw was on the winning goal and that was only a small portion of the fans.

Call it as it is

Bob you have some of the most ridiculous comments... good grief sir the kid stood on his head... have you ever played at a high level??? NO so sit down sir and watch your mouth... you want to be negative drive down highway 7 and put on blue!


I did not say he did not play a great game he did, my comment was about the fans only. I already live in TO. but have bean a fan of all Guelph teams I was born there. Where did I mouth off this bloog dose have voice . At least I cheer loud at games not like all those dead beats fans we have.


PS. Oh I forgot they drive loud fans away from games in Guelph like the guy with big flag even though he has been a fan for many years since he father who was long time fan started to bring him to games.

Born a Storm Fan

Bob there is a thing as Arena House Rules that means along with the OHL rules the arena it self can add rules they feel is necessary. If you look outside Gate 6 there is a huge board posted on the side of the wall saying what is and isn't allowed in the Sleeman Center.

You call yourself a storm fan well I'm sorry sir but I agree with Call it as it is if you don't like it go cheer for the team down highway 7 and put on blue!


These interesting comments, make me think of our professional "superfan" that the team brought in to try & create some excitement last night. Certainly he tried to keep his entertaining limited to the length of the stoppages in play by dancing, throwing tees, clapping etc., however sometimes to keep things going he was still standing while the play had started. Why didn't the ushers speak to him!!!

Sorry, I think that this type of thing is great, it is even better when it is genuinely done by a paying fan. All Maniac Matt needed was a little direction & encouragement to do things "within the house rules" from the arena management. Too Bad. Give him some tee shirts to throw, maybe even alternate between his STORM flag & a RANGER flag during those games so as not to offend those Kitchener fans we desperately need to fill empty seats at the Sleeman Centre.

Section 102

Sorry this was from Section 102.

Finally, to comment on Justin Nichols fine performance & acknowledge Tony's comments. Once the team is given a week of practise to work "together" I agree that we should need the goaltenders to be steady, keep the softies down & help steal a win here & there. ie London vs. Barrie OHL finals last year. The Knights are within striking distance.
How much Mr. Kelly needs to bring in will be effected by how much Mark Hunter attempts to bring in to London.


I am a storm fan why would I cheer for that hate team down the he road. Storm Fan if you want to keep sitting on your hands and not get as loud as other fans in other rinks do, then keep being that way. I will always be loud. I am a very proud Storm fan.


Sorry Born a Storm Fan.


Storm: play like you are #5 in the country... letting sad sack second-tier teams like Erie (!) take you to OT is not a good start.
You are a marked team for the first time any of you have been there.
Show up! Play the game.
PS: Storm: your website was DEAD Sat AM.


Storm: play like you are #5 in the country... letting sad sack second-tier teams like Erie (!) take you to OT is not a good start.It is only the first game of the season any already people are complaining. The Storm had as many as 12 players away at nhl. camps. They have not had enough time to practise as a unit yet. You do not know much, I would not call Erie what you call them .How to you explain them beating Plymouth.


PS. I guess you have not watched the Storm play Erie over the years, because they have always giving us fits no matter where the teams are in the standings or where they are picked to finish.

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