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November 13, 2013



Wonder if a package like the following could get it done....

#5, #27 + 2nd 2014 + 3rd 2014 + 3rd 2015 + 2nd 2016?

Probably not enough, but whatever.

Diamond Dave



If you want to win the cup or have a big chance to win it you must gamble . How do you think the Knights won there last cup. First time Mr. Kelly was here he did not do that like the Knights did. What happen, they lost to Detroit and Pet.


I enjoy coming to the Storm games and watching the guys give a great effort every night. I can remember not that long ago we had some players that gave very little effort in their play. In saying that, I would rather have a competitive team that works hard every year than sell the farm for a player. I like our team...could we use a bigger forward, for sure but I wouldn't want to see McFadden, or Fabbri go. I think McFadden has the potential to be like a Doughty.

reality check

Dont forget that was a 1st year, young and some would say immature gm
Thinking campbell was all they needee to win it all.

What that proved was he was open to be fleesed, which he was.

Hard to think of a gm getting taken that badly before or since and not being a contender!


Thinking Campbell was all they needed to win it all. I do not think he played with the Storm in the two years I was talking about. Are you not sure he played when Miller was the general manager.


Bob - pretty sure he is referring to GM Dubas in SSM and the deal he made for Jack Campbell. I don't think he was talking to you.


Yet the fact remains that at this point that is the asking point for top end players.


That is why Mr. Kelly has only done some minor tinkering to this point. I am pretty sure that he does not see this as a one and done type of situation. The expectation is that this team remains competitive for several years. Hence the drafting of some American players that will hopefully recognize that this is an excellent program to consider giving up their NCAA commitments to report to the Storm as well.


The expectation is that this team remains competitive for several years. But never win the cup like the last first time he was running the team . He said last year talking to Larry are broadcaster he would do what ever it took to get to the cup this year. That means all out gambling like he did not do the first time he ran the Storm.


I'm sure Mr.Kelly will get a few good trades in and help the team where he thinks they need help at.
As for Bob - Stop commenting on posts, seems your always negative about everything.
And your a Storm fan that goes to games? Wow, might as well stop going to games and start going to Ranger games.

hockey fan

Well said KC.

First of all we do not need forwards. Take a look at the scoring stats.

We need a defence man that can control the power play - something like a Ryan Murphy type player - wishful thinking. Again they are out there but you are going to pay dearly.

An experienced goaltender would also help.

These are the two positions that win you championships.


An experienced goaltender would also help. Unfortunate there is none available.


Maybe when Warren Rychel was seen talking with Storm "brass" it was regarding Slater Koekkoek?

Who Knows!!!!

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