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November 10, 2013



Am I missing something here? Congrads to him for doing so well but what good is he to Guelph if he is commited to Boston College?


Maybe if the Storm win an other OHL championship or the cup for the first time. Theses players might start committing to the Storm.


He's a Guelph prospect regardless of where he's committed to play at this point. There are many players that have committed to U.S. programs and U.S. college hockey that have changed their mind, or if drafted, are encouraged to join the OHL team that owns their rights (see Kitchener, London, Windsor in past years). Tuch, and perhaps Kirwan are two that might opt to join the Storm in the future instead of where their current commitments lie. Thanks for the updates on our prospects in other systems Tony - if we eventually do see them in Crimson and White, we will have some nice background on what to expect.


(see Kitchener, London, Windsor in past years). That is what I mean. Look at theses team they have all won a OHL. champion ship or Mem.Cup or two in the last 10 years.


The commitment to Boston College can be broken at any time. They are not binding in any way.
Whether Tuch ends up going the NCAA or OHL route likely depends on how high he gets drafted in the NHL and the wishes of the NHL team drafting him combined with those of his family and advisors.
Kirwan has not made any commitments to NCAA schools.

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