storm: Saginaw 6 Guelph 3

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February 23, 2014



3 boarding calls NOT called by the ref pretty much explains one part of the game...Not to mention the disallowed goal. Terrible refs even during games when we are winning.


Really 4 because Guelph should have got one too.


Your right Tony the sky has not fallen, but you have to be concerned with Nichols goaltending. When in won the goalie of the month for Jan. he got he goals against finally way down to about 2 and half goals a game. In Feb. it is back up to 2.81. There has to some concern.


Sorry when he won and his goals against.

Random Storm Fan

I was comparing the game to the USA - Finland bronze medal game. Goalies are allowed to have a couple of bad games as well... Quick had an amazing tournament until that game and then he had a bad one... it happens and I don't think anyone is "concerned" about him.

We just have to hope that Guelph got their wake up call and will turn this right around. Learn from it what they can and get back at it.

Colin M

I don't see a problem with Nichols unlike bob who has concerns. He is still one of the best in the league and he is entitled to a bad game just like everyone else. Storm fans have been spoiled this season and aren't used to seeing this team lose very often. This is going to happen and it is better to happen now than in the playoffs. The boys are fine. Bob, quit being so pessimistic and start talking about the finer things about this team rather than always mentioning the bad.


Took the words right out of my mouth Colin!!!


I have stuck for this team all . What are you talking about.


I think you have got me mistaken For I believe negative Bill.


100 % agreed with everything you said Colin.

Colin M

@bob - I am referring to your comments about Nicols' game and his GAA rising. Your comments certainly expressed doubt of his ability to guide this team through the remainder of the season as well as the playoffs. His performance is exceptional and when your team is potting an average 5 GPG, I think allowing 2 GAA is pretty impressive. As well as some of your other posts on this blog about various aspects about this team, they also seem pretty negative or you just find the need to nit pick necessary. You tell me.

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