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March 07, 2014



Do you think we could get a fan petition going to get Harpur scratched for a few games?! Bauman and McFadden played better than him and they haven't even played defense for a while let alone played (in McFadden's case). Haven't liked him all season but tonight was brutal!

Nice of the refs to not call a legitimate dirty hit against Fabbri but then overcall McGinn's "hit".


A tough night overall. Better to happen now. It is easy to pick on the goalie, but thought that Nichols had a very weak game. Four of the goals were scored with him way to deep in the net .

Concerned that the guys are struggling to put together a full 60 minute game. I wondered if they are playing a little tight as they approach the end of the season and trying to clinch first overall.

Random Storm Fan

Not sure what happened to them, but their biggest competitors had 6-1 and 10-5 wins.
Hopefully this is the last blowout for the team as they need to win the last few games.
They definitely have the skills, but for a game like this, they just couldn't connect as a team and they seemed to try to be fancy at a time when they just needed to play simple and shoot at the net.

Don't let it get you down guys, we all know you can do it, you just have remind yourselves that you can do it. Go Storm!

Colin M

I felt Harpur was the worst player on the ice and Leslie as well. Harpur coughed up the puck numerous times, he was always out of position which lead to 2 goals. Why did Walker keep putting him out there, especially shorthanded? The McGinn 5 minute major was a bogus call and the kneeing on Fabbri was worse than McGinn's interference call. Nichols can't be blamed for all of the goals but 2 of them were because he played too deep in the net. Not the worst game the Storm played but one of the unluckiest ones in a long time. When a goalie is seeing everything, it is hard to win. Hopefully they rebound Sunday against Sarnia and head to the playoffs ready to play.

Section 102

Due to Ben's size & reach, he is a good player for PK. He can get to loose pucks & poke check well. Unfortunately, he made some bad decisions when he got the puck friday night. Generally speaking, I think Ben has had a great season but he does seem to have tunnel vision sometimes. When Matt Finn tries to do too much, the result is not usually good. In short, all D were too focused on the puck & not finishing checks. (exception may have been Bauman)

Line juggling doesn't seem to work. An option may have been to sit 11-24-21, whom have played with NO intensity for a few games in a row.

Coach Walker needs to get more involved. In questioning officials, at the same time giving the PK time to prepare to kill a major. Get Justin Nichols out before the game is decided if only to send a message to the rest of the players.

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